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At Seven Bridges we are experts in helping our clients put Life Insurance, Income Protection, Critical Illness Cover, Private Medical Insurance and Business and Corporate Insurance policies in place.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance and many other forms of protection, protect the things that mean the most to you, your family, if you die during your policy, your loved ones will receive a cash lump sum, so if the worst should happen, you have peace of mind that your family will be financially secure and not have to worry.

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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness cover can be attached to a Life Insurance policy or can be purchased independently. It provides a cash lump sum to the beneficiary following the diagnosis or treatment of an illness deemed to be critical. Therefore, you can focus all energies on making a full recovery.

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Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance covers the costs of private medical treatment if you fall ill. Private healthcare is paid by the patient via monthly premiums rather than by the UK government.

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Income Protection

Income Protection provides a regular level of cover were you deemed unable to work due to illness or injury. Income Protection policies will usually pay a set percentage of your earnings, set at inception of the policy and payments are paid free of tax.

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Corporate Cover

Corporate cover Insurance not only protects your loved ones, it can also protect the business against possible financial losses if illness or death affects the owners or key people within the business.

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