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Most of us think nothing of insuring the home, car, pets and holidays but few of us take the time to insure the most important aspect – ourselves. Seven Bridges life can guide you to the best critical illness cover.

Critical Illness cover can be attached to a Life Insurance policy or can be purchased independently. It provides a cash lump sum to the beneficiary following the diagnosis or treatment of an illness deemed to be critical. Therefore, you can focus all energies on making a full recovery.



Why have Cover?

If you or a family member were to be diagnosed with a Critical Illness would you still be able to afford the mortgage, bills or current lifestyle? Would you have to sell the family home? Would you have to leave your job or do more hours at work to cover the missing income? Would you have to pay for childcare?

Critical Illness cover gives you peace of mind that if something critical were to happen to you, you family would still be financially stable and you would still be able to keep the family home, jobs and could continue to current lifestyle.


How much does Cover cost?

With a 25 year old non-smoker female with £250,000 of Life Insurance and £100,000 of Cover to age 65 would have a monthly premium of £34.73*

A 35 year old non-smoker male with £100,000 of Cover to age 65 would have a monthly premium of £37.68*

With a 30 year old non-smoker male with £250,000 of Critical Illness Cover to age 65 would have a monthly premium of £66.84*

*Client has no previous medical history and an average BMI.

How do I know my policy will pay out?

If you are 100% honest during our fact find procedure, then the answer to this is, your policy will pay.

Make sure you disclose any medical history during the fact find process, and if you have the occasional cigarette, make sure you tell us, therefore as long as we have all the correct information, your policy will pay on any valid claim.

What is classed as a Critical Illness?

It depends on the chosen provider as to how may illnesses are classed as a Critical Illness. I would therefore strongly recommend looking at the chosen providers key features before going ahead with the policy.

The main illnesses all providers cover are; Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s.

Affordable life cover and critical illness cover

Ask us about Children’s Critical Illness Cover.

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