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Are you a business owner? Do you have outstanding business debts? Do you know how these debts will be paid off if you were to die? Will your family have to pay these debts? Business Insurance can protect your loved ones from having to use your personal Life Insurance policy to pay your business debts. Corporate cover Insurance not only protects your loved ones, it can also protect the business against possible financial losses if illness or death affects the owners or key people within the business. Our life insurance Newcastle and corporate cover team can point you in the right direction.



What is Business Protection?

Business Protection comes in many forms including Key Person Protection, Partner/ Director or LLP Share Protection, Business Loan Protection and Relevant Life Insurance.

Business Protection helps businesses to continue to trade should a key person within the business become terminally ill or die. The cash lump sum could help the business to employee a new member of staff, recover loss of profit or repay corporate debt. Shares from the deceased estate can be purchased by the business, meaning the proceeds can be paid directly to help the business. The above policies can include Term Assurance, Term Assurance plus Critical Illness or Whole of Life Protection. (Please see the FAQ page for explanations).

What is Group Life Insurance Newcastle?

Group Life Insurance is a great way to help protect your employees and their families, if an employee is diagnosed with a terminal illness or dies during the policy term, it provides a certain multiple of their salary (chosen by the employer and scheme) in the form of a cash lump sum for their loved ones which they can use to pay off any outstanding liabilities or replace income.

It is always advisable to place life insurance policies under trust, therefore the cash lump sum provided after death is payable outside the estate, please contact us for more information.

What is Corporate Private Medical Insurance?

Private Medical Insurance covers some or all the costs of private medical treatment for certain conditions which will be stated in the terms and conditions of the policy.

It may also include dental care or a cash plan service, meaning your employees will be able to claim day-to-day health costs such as prescriptions or check-ups and will eliminate the NHS waiting lists.

Private Medical Insurance is also available as a family or individual policy.


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