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Who are Seven Bridges Life Insurance advice consultants?

Seven Bridges is an experienced Life insurance Newcastle based consultancy, offering advice and guidance to both businesses and individuals on Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection and more.

Seven Bridges Life insurance advice offers peace of mind to individuals and families, ensuring that if they were to pass away or fall seriously ill, their family would not suffer financially.

Seven Bridges Life Insurance understand that your family and loved ones are your main priority, therefore, we are committed to make sure you have the best possible solutions in place in case the worst should happen.

Our key focus is to provide advice and solutions to individuals, couples, families and corporate entities on numerous forms of protection.

We pride ourselves on customer relationships and use our wealth of experience to match the most suitable provider and policy to your needs.

Being a family run business, we are able to give our insight into the best policies that would work for you and your family.

Seven Bridges Life Insurance provide free tailored quotes that match your needs.

We follow a simple process, that makes finding the right protection policy quick and easy.


Contact Seven bridges here today to discuss all of your life insurance advice needs 

Step One

Complete our small online form or phone us on 0191 491 4119

Step Two

Receive a phone call or email, your preference, from one of our professional protection experts regarding a meeting

Step Three

Chat about your protection needs, tell us your priorities, review any existing policies and match a policy and provider to your needs

Step Four

Sit back and relax whilst we put your cover in place

Do you have further questions?

What Life insurance advice fee’s are involved?

There are no upfront fees involved in our life insurance advice process, we provide a free quote, free consultation process and free further meetings. Seven Bridges Life Insurance are paid commission from the provider that is best for you and suits your protection needs.

How much does Life Insurance cost?

Life Insurance can cost as little as £5 per month, however, let’s be a little more precise:

  • A 35 year old non-smoker male with £200,000 of Life Insurance to age 65 would have a monthly premium of £9.25
  • A 40 year old non-smoker couple with £250,000 of Joint Life Insurance on a 25 year term would have a monthly premium of £21.68
  • A 25 year old non-smoker female with £250,000 of Life Insurance and £100,000 of Critical Illness Cover to age 65 would have a monthly premium of £37.51
  • A 40 year old non-smoker male with £100,000 of Business Insurance to age 65 would have a monthly premium of £9.12

What is your process for picking the right provider for me?

We compare all major providers and then assess which provider is offering you the cheapest and most comprehensive cover.

We only use major providers such as; Legal and General, Aviva, LV, Zurich, Royal London, Aegon, AIG and more.

Do I need to have a meeting to discuss my Insurance needs?

We do need to have a face-to-face or phone meeting.

This is so Seven Bridges Life Insurance can provide you with the best insurance advice and understand your needs properly. At Seven Bridges we pride ourselves on customer service, therefore by meeting or talking through your needs, priorities and concerns we can fulfill our client proposition.

Can I call or email with a query?

Of course, we are here to help so please call if you would like some clarification on any form of protection.