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Want to know more about life insurance Newcastle? Most people don’t think twice about ensuring their car, house or pet, but it’s surprising how few people choose to insure their own life.

Life insurance provides a safety net for your family in the unfortunate event that you die or fall terminally ill.

Here at Seven Bridges Life Insurance, we specialise in finding the ideal life insurance Newcastle provider and plan for your needs. 


  • What is life insurance?
  • Is Life insurance Newcastle expensive?
  • How we find the best plan for you
  • What is life insurance?


What is life insurance?

In short, life insurance is peace of mind. It provides you and your family with the reassurance that if you were to pass away, their lives would not be affected financially.

If your family or relatives rely on your income to pay for their lifestyle, mortgage and other bills, life insurance is essential. Essential for ensuring their financial stability if the worst were to happen.

Life insurance comes in a number of forms. From Level Term and Decreasing Term plans to Whole of Life Insurance. These involve monthly premium payments over a set amount of time. If you were to die during the course of the policy, then your family would receive a lump cash sum or a monthly income. Therefore allowing them to pay the mortgage and bills as well as maintain their lifestyle.

Is Life Insurance expensive? 

Contrary to popular belief, life insurance Newcastle does not have to be expensive. You can protect your family for as little as £5 per month.

The cost of life insurance depends on the amount of coverage you require, the length of term, your current health and the type of plan.

Level Term plans tend to suit those on a budget, whereas whole life plans usually offer more comprehensive coverage and usually come with a larger monthly premium.

How do we find the best plan for you?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to life insurance. We guide you through them to find the plan and provider that suits your needs and budget.

One of our team of Life Insurance Newcastle experts will sit down with you for a face-to-face meeting. We form a clear picture of what you require and review any existing policies, which forms the basis of our research.

With our widespread knowledge of the insurance industry and marketplace, we find you the ideal plan for your situation. We make sure your needs are fully met without paying more than you should.

There are no up-front fees and all meetings are completely free. We are transparent about our fees, which are paid as commission from your new provider.

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