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  • What exactly is life insurance?
  • Why do I need life cover?
  • Types of life cover
  • Why Seven Bridges Life Insurance?

What exactly is life insurance?

Life insurance provides peace of mind to individuals and families, protecting your loved ones if you were to fall ill or die.

In the event you were to pass away or fall critically ill, a life insurance policy pays a cash sum to your loved ones to ensure they remain financially secure.

Why do I need life insurance?

If your family, partner or other relatives rely on your income, life insurance provides them with reassurance that if the worst were to happen, they would not suffer financially.

It allows for them to maintain their lifestyle as well as pay the mortgage and other bills.

Many assume life insurance is expensive, however there are in fact wide range of options for cheap life cover to fit every budget.

Types of life cover

Level Term Insurance

This is often the most suitable option for those on a budget. These policies pay a level cash sum to your family in the event that you fall terminally ill or pass away within the policy’s term.

Decreasing Term Insurance

This term connects to your mortgage or loan and decreases over time. If the worst were to happen, your family would receive a lump sum which can be used to pay off the mortgage or other outstanding liabilities.

Family Income Benefit Insurance

This can be either a level or decreasing term policy. Rather than receiving a lump sum, your family will receive a consistent monthly income, if you die during the policy term.

Why Seven Bridges Life Insurance?

Here at Seven Bridges, we aim to forge strong relationships with our clients. This means we take time to fully understand your needs and priorities.

Our specialist team have many years of combined experience within the insurance and financial sectors and are committed to helping you find the best policy for you.

Since forming in 2018, Seven Bridges has built a reputation for providing trustworthy, professional solutions and finding the high quality, cheap life cover for our diverse range of customers.

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